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From Document written 11th November 2015

As time passes some old information needs to deleted from the website or it simply gets to busy. This however is an interesting document worth preserving,. It goes back to 11th November 2015 and really marks the beginning of  The Rusthall Arts Festival. It lays out the original aims and objectives, and  the mission statement, and whilst they may change over the course of time it's always a good idea to revisit the original intentions. There was also some really helpful advice gathered from the individuals at the meeting, which if I remember correctly was in  Karen Gardner's studio at the top of her house. 


  •  Promote and foster interest and participation in the arts and crafts among all members of the local community
  •  Raise awareness in the community of the work of local and regional professional and amateur artists and craft workers
  •  Support local and regional artists and crafts workers by giving an opportunity to exhibit and market their work
  •  Promote the village of Rusthall and the services it offers visitors
  •  The Festival is limited to artists from Kent and Sussex but others c from farther afield are sometimes included if they have special or personal connections in the village.
  •  The Festival is a non-for profit activity of Rushall Village Association  with any surplus after covering costs and maintain funds for the following year being used to support community projects in furtherance of the Festivals aims and objectives.
  • Produce an annual Festival of the Arts that will contribute to local distinctiveness and raise the aspirations of communities locally.
  • The Festival will progress the aim to make Rusthall a culturally and richer place to live.
  • Create a coherent identity by producing and distributing a unified brochure that acts as a one stop promotional tool for all arts events from May to September.
  • Balancing participation and excellence; this will be achieved by developing a programme with a local and international flavour.
  • The Festival will act as an 'umbrella' for existing and new local events, combining 'grass roots' programming with a number of high calibre events.
  • Design a programme that will appeal to the widest audience, in terms of age and geographical spread. The programme will encompass a broad and diverse range of traditional and contemporary art forms.
  • Encourage the use of suitable outdoor settings, and unusual venues, in addition to promoting the use of village halls, church and other facilities.
  • Boost visitor numbers to the village and raise its profile.  
  • “To inspire diverse audiences with great artistic experiences”
  • Maintain an ethos of procuring services from local suppliers wherever possible and offer opportunities for local artists, musicians and performers.
  • Think like your audience and then go one step further
  • The Festival events should embody the following 8 characteristics:
    • ·  Quality
    • ·  Inspiring and Aspirational
    • ·  Engaging
    • ·  Innovative
    • ·  Collaborative
    • ·  Distinctive
    • ·  Local

 Mission Statements

 Rusthall Festival aspires to foster culture in all its forms and to promote the growth of visual art, drama, entertainment, literature, music and dance and to advance education in the arts; to reimagine Rusthall and its place in the region, to offer a diverse range of artistic experiences and activities in both village and county, and to produce work that is meaningful.


 Our Mission

The mission of the Rusthall Arts Festival is to connect art and the community by presenting an annual arts festival and by promoting the arts in the Rusthall community.


Our Vision

Rusthall Arts Festival will provide programming that celebrates the arts.

Rusthall Arts Festival will provide opportunities for artists.

Rusthall Arts Festival will foster pride and involvement in our community.

Rusthall Arts Festival will develop an audience for the arts. 



1.  Start with who and what you know

2.  Turn minimal funding into something positive

3.  Organise with open source – let other organise events.

4.  Make collaborations count, you can’t run a festival without collaboration

5.  Consider your partners and sponsors

6.  Don't forget to enjoy the festival

7.  Consider the cultural and physical paths: The footprint of the festival

8.  Find a local style – a unique brand

9.  Always have things that are surprising

 10.  Let people know: Paint the Town so you can’t miss there’s a festival on


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