Claque Theatre in Association with Rusthall Community Arts

 Rusthall Common Community Play



Theatrical walks around Happy Valley

start by the war memorial

Rusthall Parish Church, Langton Road, Rusthall

Tunbridge Wells TN4 8XD

25th - 30th August 2021

6.30pm nightly, except Sun 29th 3.00pm


Tickets: £10  £8 Concessions

Tickets from: Venture, Rusthall High Street.

On Line Reservations:


  “ ultimately all about people isn’t it?”


It’s 2041 Happy Valley is up for auction, could a combination of circumstances in the past save it?  “I want you to imagine that the ghosts of Rusthall Common are coming back. They surface to walk above ground, visit their old haunts and replay their past lives in our present.”  Walking among the trees and rocks of Happy Valley the audience, will be divided into three groups to follow one story and witness fragments of others. The stories are set over the past 200 years, though it matters not when the events took place, only that they did, or could have done. In “Dreams Rumours and Lies” Jan, returns home rich, but what is the truth behind her newfound wealth? In “The Greens and Newcombs” Jen wants to help her daughter, Maddy, to be the person she wants to be, but will she fulfil a long held dream of her own?  In “Back to Front” will Molly and ‘Molly Coddled Jim Boy’ stay together and get through their war?  Across all the stories we discover whether Rusthall village people, whilst struggling with their demons at home, will rise to the occasion and rescue a group of desperate refugees.


Limited Tickets: The three walking groups are each restricted to 20 people.


The gathering point for the play is in the field in front of St Paul’s Church on the edge of Happy Valley. Evening performances will start promptly at 6.30 p.m. so the end coincides with sunset.


 The easier walking route is for the play “The Greens and Newcombs” is across easier, more manageable terrain, that may be more suitable for people with limited mobility. However we should advise you that there is still uneven ground and slopes as it is a woodland walk through rocks. If you would prefer this route please request this option when you book


COVID: To keep people safe we are keeping group numbers strictly to twenty people. Please do not come if you have tested positive for covid or are self-isolating.


Parking is limited, there is no legitimate parking on Langton Road we suggest you park in Rusthall Village and walk.


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back with a great programme of films

Rusthall Cinema Club back showing great range of films following months of COVID restrictions

For more information, to Book tickets visit their web site

New sessions re-start from 2021 from September 6th 



Every Monday 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Rusthall Club

 £6 per session
Following the Legends of the Rocks in 2019  a new Impro group  have been attending improvisation workshops on Monday Nights. During lock down we have kept going on line. and it's proved very successful.  Now optimistically we are hoping to meet again live at our usual venue , the Rusthall Club. Many of the group members are coming not because they want to perform but because it's great fun. The skills you learn for impro are as useful in life as they are for life in general;  telling stories, learning to be creative, being positive, improving communication, developing a sense of humour and building confidence.  For newcomers the first session is free so you try it out. The group are open, freindly and supportive,  and we promise you the safest and friendliest way into impro. Give it a go. 


Every Tuesday 7.30pm to 9.30

Claqueuer Impro players are  performance group, some of whom have been with the company for over ten years. They have performed locally with Game Shows, and Comic Improvisation, and have work collaborate with other Improvisation groups from Germany, Poland and Belgium.  The company take in new players by invitation. They are presently developing  Plays in the Moment and are looking forward to bringing you more shows when life allows.


September 2021

Jon Oram, Director of Claqueur Impro will open a beginners improvisation group in September 2021 if there are enough people interested.  It will start with a full day workshop on a weekend prior so people can give it a try and see if its something they would like to pursue. Jon creates a safe, friendly and creative environment. Improvisation is fun and useful in life as well as in performance. Many people in the Monday group come for the fun with no interest in performing it at all. Other may look to building skills to eventually joining Claqueur Company. The choice is yours. Everyone who has stayed with it will confirm Impro is a life-changer.  Contact Jon to book a place or for more information

Claque ran a series of successful on line group conversations called Empty Gallery Café during the first lockdown. They covered subjects including  Education, Freedom of Speech, and questions such as “What ‘new normal world” do we hope for?”  Our last conversation "Let's Get Creative" was about arts in Rusthall. Participants can join these conversations from anywhere in the world. The Empty Gallery Cafe is based on the world Cafe conversation format. Find out more at the bottom of this article or visit Claque's Empty Gallery Website.  From September last year we ran open devising sessions to create Happy Highways a community play in the form of a theatrical walk. You can find out more about the devising on the blog page on Claque's website and The Open Gallery discussions on the Empty Gallery website. Click the boxes below.