By: Rusthall Community Arts | April 24, 2017

Rusties String Band

A few weeks ago I was privileged to be invited to join the fretted instruments workshop which has been meeting regularly since October. Players of guitars and other fretted instruments, including a cello, have developed their skills under the guidance of Stefan Mniszko.

This workshop has been a real Rusthall Community Arts success story attracting teenagers to those aged over 60.

There are now approximately 18 attendees and the group has expanded so much that it’s outgrowing its current venue in the “back room” of the Rusthall Club in St Paul’s Street.

Stefan, an experienced musician and teacher, leads the group and sings as well.

The group of players, now known as the Rusties, will be performing in the Rusthall Club, St Pauls Street, on Fri...

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By: Rusthall Community Arts | April 23, 2017

Rusthall Community Arts - Quirky Tree event through the eyes of Sonia Lawrence

The directions were to walk along the Rusthall Road as far as the red Victorian letter box and cross to the other side, then follow the willow wands into the clearing. It was as simple as walking a Celtic Ridgeway.

A beautiful little oak tree stands on a rise, waiting with spreading low branches to receive decoration.

We set up camp with two brand new marquees, thanks to the ‘Heart of the Community’ award we received for last year’s Community Arts Festival. The Mayor in his regalia, accompanied by the Mayoress, opened proceedings in style, and we were at once joyously entertained by the local Rock Choir singing their latest repertoire.

A constant flow of adults, children and their dogs came through our clearing, many of them enthusias...

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By: Rusthall Community Arts | March 10, 2017

The deep sound of the djembe drumming resonated like the heartbeat of the community which came together on the Common on Saturday 25th February for our Quirky Tree celebratory event.